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All our online training courses have the following features:

image showing course accredited through CSME
  • Main Menu - Move through hours of in-depth content - quickly and easily due to the efficient and organised structure.
  • Controls - Move forward, back, and repeat entire topics or just a section. A progress bar illuminates as you advance through exercises.
  • Full Motion Video - All courses feature full-motion videos of instructors teaching the information as if they are speaking directly to you. Our unique delivery simulates a one-on-one classroom environment creating a more personal lesson and learning experience.
  • PowerPoint - Utilising PowerPoint presentations enhances the delivery by displaying a variety of visual information to the user. This type of representation allows the user to better interpret the material through charts, definitions, graphs, and more...
  • Resume - All courses are resumed to where you left off last session allowing you to learn when it is convenient for you without the hassle of remembering where you were.
  • Review Exercises - Each section has a review quiz to aid in the learning process by validating the comprehension of the material covered before moving on to a new section.
  • Certificate of Completion - Upon successful completion of our program, you will be receiving a Certificate of Completion that can be used to obtain your pre-purchased exam voucher.

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